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Walgreens WagCares Web Survey

I was shopping at Walgreens while waiting for my prescribed drug to be filled. I received a receipt for my purchase that invited me to participate in a web survey at www.wagcares.com official site that provided a generous grand prize of $3,000 that can be won every month. I have been visiting Walgreens almost once every month for refills and usually do not make additional purchases. But my cravings got the better of me and I had to pick up a chocolate bar. Then I noticed the WagCares invitation on the receipt. Being a long time customer, it prompted me to now write about my experience at Walgreens.

The survey itself does not take too long to complete. You do need the survey number and password from the receipt in order to get started. Then, there are a number of multiple choices like questions that walk you through the various shopping experience at Walgreens which does seem to do less with its pharmacy than the shopping experience. It would be nice to actually get a survey coupon to use at the end of the survey in addition to the sweepstakes grand prize.

Walgreens is one of my favorite pharmacy to visit. When it comes to prescribed drugs, it actually pays to shop around as the prices can vary drastically and for certain drugs can be up to $20-$30 difference even between Walmart, Target, CVS and other pharmacies. So, it pays to shop around although these prices are not exactly transparent. I have send orders to various pharmacies and found that in certain cases, Walgreens give me the best prices. Their pharmacist are also friendly and knowledgeable. 

If it was not for the pharmacy and the over the counter medicines, Walgreens might not be my primary shopping destination as the selection of items in the store is not as comprehensive as other major retailers like Target. So, getting my medicine is still the primary objective for visiting a Walgreens store. However, it is great if you happen to be there and needed to pick up an item or two for convenience. The prices are comparable to many other retailers.
In any case, I took the time to fill up the WagCares survey. There is even a winners list posted on the site that shows the winners every month. The official site is wagcares.com if you care to spend some time for the survey.

Is Your Home Location Really Right for You?

It may sound easy, but finding a home that really fits your overall lifestyle can be complicated.

Typically, the first thing a person thinks about when shopping for a new home is the price. Don't get me wrong “price” is definitely important, but so are a lot of other things. For example, if you don't have a car, then you have to make sure that the home you purchase is near or convenient to public transportation. Over the years I have seen so many people get caught up in how a home looks, instead of making sure it is practical. I had one friend who saw a home she really liked, but she didn't have car and the nearest bus stop was over five blocks away. She was mesmerized with the house and the neighborhood that she convinced herself that walking five blocks to a bus stop was no big deal. However after she moved into her new home she started realizing that being so far away from the bus line was a major problem. This started with having to get up an hour earlier to make sure she had time to walk to the bus stop and catch her bus on time. On days it was raining and snowing heavily, she had to get up even earlier. After about eight months of doing this daily grind, my friend started making plans to move again. She put her home on the market two months ago and is waiting on an offer.

I also had a co-worker who purchased a condominium in a very secluded neighborhood. The first thing I asked him when he purchased this was how far are the retail and grocery stores. He told me that he was not concerned about shopping because he had a car. I went online and researched the address of his property, and find out that the nearest grocery store was almost ten miles away. I relayed this information to him but he did not seem very concerned at all. He simply replied that he would just make sure to go by the market every Friday on the way home from work. Well about three months later I got a call from him saying that he now regrets not having a grocery nearby. Before he moved into this new home he previously lived in an apartment that was located right across the street from a shopping plaza that had retail shops and a grocery store. So if he needed something for dinner at the last minute, all he had to was run across the street to get it. Now every time he needs something from the market he has to get in his car and drive. This is not only becoming a pain time wise, but it is also getting expensive as well since gas is now almost four dollars a gallon.

Both of the above scenarios are good examples as to why it is so important to do some thorough research when it comes to purchasing a home. This means not only looking at the physical home itself, but also carefully looking at the surrounding community.

It's Pretty Hard Being a PR Professional Today

One job you couldn't pay me a millions dollars to do anymore, and that is being a crisis communication public relations specialist. I previously worked in the public relations field about five years ago, and many of my accounts involved crisis communication. Back then my crisis communication tasks involved writing press releases for meat recalls and also sending out media advisories regarding an apology from a corporate executive. Depending upon the level of the crisis, I would have to work fourteen to sixteen hour days. In the beginning I really enjoyed my job, but after about two years it really started stressing me out. However, when I look at some of the crisis communication situations today, I realize that what I had deal with was no where near as stressful. I mean I cannot imagine being a publicist or media specialist for companies like Zynga or Facebook, or for people like Beyonce and Justin Bieber. This is why I have a lot of sympathy for public relations professionals today.

When I think about how much controversy Beyonce has been involved in over the past few weeks, I can only imagine how many sixty hour weeks her publicist has had to work. I know that many people will say that her publicist should not mind because they make a lot of money, but take it from me after a certain point it does not matter how much money you make. After having to work all these long days for such a long period of time, all you want to do is hide and rest. It also does not help when you have to handle a crisis and create a positive media campaign at the same time. This is what I have recently seen Beyonce's PR camp do. First they had to handle the rumors about her pregnancy, which was followed by her lip synching controversy. In the middle of all this they had to come up with a strategic media plan to promote her Super Bowl appearance and upcoming music tour. Some people may view all this as exciting, but I view it as a lot of work and a lot of stress that I don't need.

I also imagine it is not a picnic handling the PR duties these days for Zynga. First you have to deflect all the criticism about the company losing game players and money, and then you have to deal with all the negative publicity regarding top executives leaving the company. In this case the PR team has to be very careful, because their campaigns and PR strategies have a lot of influence on Zynga's stock prices. The one thing Zynga does not need is more investors selling their comany shares.

If I had to work in the PR profession today, I would only be willing to create press releases and media advisories for local community bookstores and bakeries. In other words, I don't want to have anything to do with corporate companies, celebrities or any type of crisis situations.

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